Mindfulness in Action Seminars
Our Mindfulness in Action seminars introduce mindfulness meditation to segments of the professional community, such as therapists, artists, musicians, attorneys, executives, and teachers. Participants in some seminars may be eligible to receive continuing education credits.

Custom-Designed Workshops
These workshops are tailored to specific organizations, both for-profit and nonprofit, and include the options of having half-day, full day or extended programs.

Trainings for Mindfulness Instructors
Applied Mindfulness Training will provide in-depth study and hands-on preparation to people who want to teach mindfulness in organizational situations.

Speaking Engagements
Applied Mindfulness Training can provide speakers for your conferences, workshops and events. We have Affiliated Instructors with a variety of backgrounds: business and nonprofit executives, teachers, lawyers, mediators, organizational leasers, musicians, actors, dancers, physicians, nurses, writers, and yoga instructors. Contact us today!

Customized Trainings
Let Applied Mindfulness Training tailor a presentation, retreat, or training to meet the needs of your organization, business, department or other group. Our trainings can be designed to focus on your organization’s specific objectives, which might include:

  • Encouraging more effective communication
  • Fostering genuine collaboration
  • Opening to greater creativity and insight
  • Cultivating authentic leadership
  • Overcoming nervousness, fear, and anxiety
  • Building relationships and alliances
  • Offering genuine feedback to encourage growth
  • Managing conflicts and differences
  • Inspiring teamwork and commitment
  • Strengthening commitment to continuous learning and improvement
  • Improving decision-making and strategic vision
  • Revitalizing core values



Interested in one of our programs?

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