About Applied Mindfulness

Applied Mindfulness is the way qualities cultivated in meditation carry over into everyday life. Meditation – once thought of as an offbeat activity – is now central to the lives of people of all ages and backgrounds; more than 20 million Americans engage in some kind of practice. The reason for this increasing popularity is simple: meditation works.


Mindfulness meditation and other contemplative practices have been shown to help reduce pain and enable people to manage stress and anxiety. They also improve attention and cognitive capabilities and enhance a sense of well-being. But its benefits don’t end with the personal; effects spill into the workplace, the artist’s studio, the boardroom, and the bazaar. Increased creativity, enhanced communication, and strengthened leadership skills make training in these practices valuable to organizations as well as individuals.


Applied Mindfulness Training is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that delivers simple but powerful tools that help us make the most of our human resources. It began as the educational organization Tail of the Tiger, founded in 2005 and operating for its first seven years at a meditation center in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. During that period, under the leadership of Executive Director Patton Hyman, an attorney and longtime mindfulness teacher, Tail of the Tiger introduced the benefits of secular mindfulness and other contemplative practices to hundreds of people ranging from medical and educational professionals to performing artists, executives, business people, therapists, and lawyers.

From its inception in 2008 as a series of programs affiliated with a residential meditation center in Vermont, the organization grew. In 2011, our focus shifted and we began operating as an independent educational non-profit under the name Applied Mindfulness Training, Inc.