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Meeting Your Mind: Harnessing the World’s Greatest Resource

by Carol S. Hyman

Human beings are the greatest natural resource on the planet. If it sometimes doesn’t seem that way, it’s because confusion gives rise to conflicts — in our society, in the larger world, and at times within ourselves. When disagreements and misunderstandings escalate, we may feel frustrated or even hopeless about what will solve our problems. Even if we do have some idea of what might help, we can’t imagine how to work with people who think so differently from us.

But it is possible to untangle confusion and work with conflict productively. It starts by working with our own minds.

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The Inner Advantage: Applying Mindfulness in Business and Law…and Everywhere Else!

by Patton Hyman

The Inner Advantage shows how you can cultivate undistracted awareness or presence in a way that can be applied in every situation, whether work related, recreational or in family life. It includes a positive way of working with fear that is energizing and helps bring further awareness, as well as discussions of how mindfulness helps to work with decision-making and other specific activities encountered daily by people in business, law, and other professional pursuits. The Inner Advantage concludes by describing capabilities that arise from applying mindfulness disciplines, and suggests a number of exercises that help strengthen them.

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