These audio and video clips provide easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions for exercises to help you work with your mind.

Basic Mindfulness Instruction

A 10-minute guided introduction to basic mindfulness and meditation practice.

Passengers, Vehicles, & Baggage

In this excerpt from her talk “The Inner Advantage,” delivered at Shambhala Pittsburgh on May 18, 2018, Carol S. Hyman discusses an alternative model for identity that allows us to be less set in our ways by putting awareness at the center.

Cultivating the Perspective that Brings Compassion

A 15-minute guided compassion exercise that explores conflict resolution through adopting the perspective of those you disagree with.

Stop, Drop, & Roll

In this excerpt from a talk given at Shambhala Pittsburgh, Carol S. Hyman responds to a question from the audience about how to not get bombarded at a new job. She reminds us that we can’t control the things that people and life throw at us, but through mindfulness we can learn to control our reaction. Carol advocates for the stop, drop and roll method. She also discusses the gap that exists between stimulus and response.

*Carol misspoke — the title of of Viktor Frankl’s book is actually Man’s Search for Meaning

Facing Fear

We don’t like to feel fear. In fact, we often do whatever possible to avoid it. But this 11 minute exercise guides you through the process of harnessing the energy of fear, so you can become more familiar with its patterns and even learn to see it in a new light. Brief pauses are built into the recording, but if at any point you feel you need more time, simply press pause.

Contemplation Practice

This exercise guides you through the process of harnessing the power of your inner wisdom to deal with challenges in new and innovative ways.

What We’re Missing

In April of 2013, the founder of Applied Mindfulness Training, Patton Hyman, was interviewed at the Conference for Contemplative Practices for a Technological Society. Among other topics, he spoke about what we miss out on before we learn to practice mindfulness.