Individual Applied Mindfulness Coaching
One-on-one instruction in mindfulness and practical advice on how to apply it in your daily life.

Custom-Designed Workshops
These workshops are tailored to specific organizations, both for-profit and nonprofit, and include the options of having half-day, full day or extended programs.

Trainings for Mindfulness Instructors
Applied Mindfulness Training will provide in-depth study and hands-on preparation to people who want to teach mindfulness in organizational situations.

Speaking Engagements
Applied Mindfulness Training can provide speakers for your conferences, workshops and events. We have Affiliated Instructors with a variety of backgrounds: business and nonprofit executives, teachers, lawyers, mediators, organizational leasers, musicians, actors, dancers, physicians, nurses, writers, and yoga instructors. Contact us today!

Customized Trainings
Let Applied Mindfulness Training tailor a presentation, retreat, or training to meet the needs of your organization, business, department or other group. Our trainings can be designed to focus on your organization’s specific objectives, which might include:

  • Encouraging more effective communication
  • Fostering genuine collaboration
  • Opening to greater creativity and insight
  • Cultivating authentic leadership
  • Overcoming nervousness, fear, and anxiety
  • Building relationships and alliances
  • Offering genuine feedback to encourage growth
  • Managing conflicts and differences
  • Inspiring teamwork and commitment
  • Strengthening commitment to continuous learning and improvement
  • Improving decision-making and strategic vision
  • Revitalizing core values
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