Benefits of Mindfulness



In recent years, numerous scientific studies have affirmed what mindfulness practitioners have understood intuitively for years: mindfulness and meditation help us reduce worry and stress, improve our mental and physical well-being, increase our ability to focus, and positively influence our social interactions. We’ve collected this list of research and resources that demonstrate the proven benefits of mindfulness in virtually every aspect of life.



Work & School Environments


Many studies on the current job market and the education system find that employees and students are disengaged and stressed. Mindfulness helps promote engaged presence, peaceful calm, and positive thinking.


Interpersonal Relationships


Mindfulness increases your awareness of yourself and others. You can learn to listen attentively and resolve conflicts as your  ability to approach others with compassion instead of judgment grows.


Leadership Skills


As we learn to pay attention to our situation, to give pause before making a decision, a natural leadership arises. Mindful leaders are concerned with the well-being of everyone on their team and have a keen insight to find the advantage in any situation.


Physical Health & Pain Management


Studies are finding that mindfulness not only brings the physical benefits associated with reduced stress, but also improves immune system performance and enables practitioners to engage with and manage pain.


Focus & Productivity


Mindfulness is all about harnessing the power of your attention and being able to direct it intentionally. With this comes increased ability to focus and to accomplish tasks.