Mindful Voices

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In each episode, host Michael Carroll, author of Awake at Work and founder of The Wisdom Seat, sits down with a different guest to connect for an open, honest, and curious conversation about how they have applied mindfulness in their work and in their everyday life.

Episode 9 — Trudy Sable | Dr. Trudy Sable talks with Michael Carroll about her efforts to develop cross-cultural dialogues between western scientists and indigenous knowledge holders and elders. Her longtime mindfulness practice has made her especially attuned to cultural respect and the power of trust in relationships. Click here to watch the documentary referenced in the interview.

Episode 8 — Carol Hyman | Applied Mindfulness Training’s executive director Carol Hyman joins longtime friend and Mindful Voices host Michael Carroll to reminisce and to explore mindful agility, inherent wisdom, and impediments to being fully present.

Episode 7 — Melissa Twaroski | Melissa Twaroski is a federal program manager with expertise in regulatory compliance, policy development, tribal consultation, and cultural resource management. She talks with host Michael Carroll about archaeology, cultural appropriation, and an acceptance of “not knowing.”

Episode 6 — Andrew Hyman | Andrew is a consultant at Bain & Company, a firm that provides advice to public, private, and non-profit organizations. He’s also the president of Applied Mindfulness Training. Andrew and Michael talk shop about “what exactly does a consultant do?” and reminisce about Andrew’s father Patton Hyman, founder of AMT and a close friend of Michael’s.

Episode 5 — Ron Rojas | Ron is CEO at Continental Sales lots-4-less, a discount store on the South Side of Chicago. Started by Ron’s father in 1965, the store has gained a loyal customer base and sees upwards of 1000 sales a day. Ron and Michael discuss the thrill of treasure hunting and the company’s values, which include mindfulness, community, and joy.

Episode 4 — Chris Kayser | Host Michael Carroll sits down with Chris Kayser, who has been earning a living as an actor in the Atlanta area for over 40 years. Most recently he performed in a play about death and has been coming to terms with his own cancer diagnosis. He and Michael discuss how both acting and death can bring us vividly into the present, and the role that mindfulness plays on the stage and in life.

Episode 3 — Dr. Michael Baime | Michael Carroll sits down with Dr. Michael Baime, founder of The Penn Program for Mindfulness to talk about how applying mindfulness helps both patients and doctors manage stress and heal through sharing an authentic human connection.

Episode 2 — Jacqueline Gallo | Michael talks with Jacqueline Gallo, Chief Operating Officer of Whitcraft Group, about how applying mindfulness at work helps weather change, make tough leadership decisions, and even see around corners. They also discuss Whitcraft’s highly successful prison work release program.

Episode 1 — Susan Piver | Michael sits down with his long-time friend, Susan Piver to talk about community, creativity, pain, loneliness, and other things we’re afraid of. They also discuss how applying mindfulness impacts how we run a business, how we teach, and how we learn. 

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