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Meeting Your Mind and Beyond: The Benefits of Applying Mindfulness

a FREE ongoing seminar by Carol S. Hyman and Reeve Lindbergh at the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum in St. Johnsbury, Vermont

fourth Wednesdays, April – July 2019

7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Human beings have a tendency to believe everything we think. Because of this habit, we experience the world through a filter of conditioned tendencies, preconceptions, and attitudes that we mistake for reality. In order to see more clearly, we need to train our minds. Mindfulness practice is a tool with which we learn to direct our attention, giving us a fresh perspective on our inner world. Applying mindfulness, we learn to detect our own habitual patterns so we can discern with more clarity patterns in our environment, enabling us to harness our inherent resourcefulness to skillfully deliver benefit in this world, regardless of our circumstances.

This seminar, consisting of four classes a month apart, will include basic mindfulness practice instruction at each session; beginners are welcome at any time. For those who are already practicing mindfulness, each month we’ll explore how it can be helpful in different applications: in developing steadiness, in facing fear, in communicating skillfully, and in challenging relationships.

In addition to mindfulness meditation, we’ll introduce other contemplative disciplines including using mindful journaling as a tool for exploring experience. Email support in the form of prompts and reminders will be offered during the periods between classes. The program will be led by Carol Hyman, Executive Director of Applied Mindfulness Training, and Reeve Lindbergh, author and board member of Applied Mindfulness Training.

All welcome. No registration is required. 

Class Schedule

April 24: Three Reasons to Meet Your Mind Getting to know your mind will help you learn to direct your attention, detect your hidden behavior patterns, and deliver benefit to yourself and others.

May 22: Making Fear Your Ally We have a tendency to try to avoid things that scare us. But with
mindfulness we can learn meet life’s uncertainty with resilience and humor, and to face fear directly.

June 26: The Gift of Challenging Relationships It may sound like a contradiction, but challenges can be opportunities. This session will focus on learning to navigate interactions to bring benefit rather than conflict.

July 24: Communication — The Key to Creating Community Our words matter. Communication is essential for bringing ideas into reality. If we want to work with others, we have to communicate mindfully.